Joe Gus - I Am Number 8 Review

I Am Number 8 Review

First, this quick review is a few months late. I’m sorry for that, but I must still tell you about this great book. I Am Number 8 by John Gray will motivate and inspire you through his story which also parallels the life of David. For those of you that feel you have been overlooked,[…]
Joe Gus - The Promise Principle

Promise Principle

I can’t say enough about Phillip Hunter’s The Promise Principle. This book has fundamentally changed the way I read and understand the Bible. This book combined with my Bible Study Group has greatly increased my retention and relationship with God’s Word. The book is a short read that will definitely change your life. The main[…]
Joe Gus - 2017 Reading List

Books I Read in 2017

During the final half of the year, I finally got back into reading books on a consistent basis. Using a combination of Kindle and Audible, I was able to finish numerous books mostly dealing with Faith, Marriage, Business, and Self-Development. Check out my list below to find some good reads for 2018. 31 Creative Ways[…]