Joe Gus - I Am Number 8 Review

I Am Number 8 Review

First, this quick review is a few months late. I’m sorry for that, but I must still tell you about this great book. I Am Number 8 by John Gray will motivate and inspire you through his story which also parallels the life of David. For those of you that feel you have been overlooked,[…]
Joe Gus - Why I Stopped Drinking Alcohol

Why I Stopped Drinking Alcohol

If you’re close to me, you know that I’ve been on a new journey, and giving up alcohol was one aspect of that journey. My story is not one of hitting rock bottom with alcohol but one of the need to simply remove something that wasn’t adding to my life. It started with a desire[…]
Joe Gus - The Promise Principle

Promise Principle

I can’t say enough about Phillip Hunter’s The Promise Principle. This book has fundamentally changed the way I read and understand the Bible. This book combined with my Bible Study Group has greatly increased my retention and relationship with God’s Word. The book is a short read that will definitely change your life. The main[…]
Joe Gus - 2017 Reading List

Books I Read in 2017

During the final half of the year, I finally got back into reading books on a consistent basis. Using a combination of Kindle and Audible, I was able to finish numerous books mostly dealing with Faith, Marriage, Business, and Self-Development. Check out my list below to find some good reads for 2018. 31 Creative Ways[…]
Joe Gus - Podcasts


If you know me, you know I love podcasts. For the most part, I only listen to podcasts but especially when I’m commuting, sitting at my desk, or working out. I used to just listen to a lot of music but realized that I could use that time to listen to podcasts that could improve[…]
Joe Gus - Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

I’ve experienced a lot of growth this year in many aspects of my life. I can attribute most of it from getting out of my comfort zone. Whether it has been my faith or health, doing things that don’t come natural or breaking “bad” habits, I’ve had to stop doing the same things to get[…]
Joe Gus - Jump Right Into It

Jump Right Into It

I’ve been wanting to get my website going again for quite a few months now; however, I’ve let other things get in the way including myself. Now, it’s time to jump back into it and start sharing more of me with the world. The website will be focused on all the things that make me[…]