I Am Number 8 Review

Joe Gus - I Am Number 8 Review

First, this quick review is a few months late. I’m sorry for that, but I must still tell you about this great book. I Am Number 8 by John Gray will motivate and inspire you through his story which also parallels the life of David. For those of you that feel you have been overlooked, you will discover that God has a special anointing and plan for your life. Simply, stay faithful and embrace where God has you now. You never know what lessons you will learn when you are in a low point in your life. You are most likely being prepared for something much larger. With David, he was a great shepherd before he became a great King.

John does an excellent job at merging his life story with the Bible to make I Am Number 8 a must read or must listen. I listened to this book via Audible since John narrated the book. I’ve heard him in person multiple times so it was great to hear him narrate and insert his humor throughout the book. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of I Am Number 8.

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