New Challenge – Crossfit

Joe Gus at Ultimate 48 Fitness

With the end of year coming up, I tend to start my resolutions now instead of planning them for the new year. One such resolution that I just started is getting into optimal physical fitness. I spent most of 2017 working out in my home gym; however, I was introduced to J.T. of Ultimate 48 Fitness via crossfit class at my church. I decided to take J.T. up on his offer for a free class about two weeks ago.

Needless to say, that free class was tough, but it was exactly what I needed so I joined U-48. At this point in my life, I’ve realized that growth does not happen in my comfort zone. The classes at U-48 have pushed me so far out of my comfort zone that it not only challenged my physical self but also my mental. I leave the gym everyday with a sense of accomplishment that keeps my mental game tough plus helps this old body feel and look good.

Things I’ve Learned So Far after my First Two Weeks

  • Crossfit is way different from traditional weight training. It’s very similar to the intensity of your typical boot camp but with more lifting.
  • I need to improve my endurance tremendously. I’m usually good through the first few sets, but tend to lose gas at the end
  • Sometimes you have to pay for professional help. I have my home gym and have been very consistent for 2017, but nothing beats trained and certified fitness instructors.
  • Form is everything. With the variety of exercises and intensity, using less weight with good form still leads to a great workout but without aches.
  • Community is everything as well. Having great instructors is must, but having great people to train with is a plus. Everyone has been so encouraging at that gym.

Health is usually a resolution for most people so I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and sign up for the gym or class you’ve been putting off for so long. I promise you that you will be an overall better person by incorporating some physical activity into your life. Find whatever motivation you need and become disciplined in being consistent. The little gains you get with each workout will compound into something even better than you could imagine.