Comfort Zone

Joe Gus - Comfort Zone

I’ve experienced a lot of growth this year in many aspects of my life. I can attribute most of it from getting out of my comfort zone. Whether it has been my faith or health, doing things that don’t come natural or breaking “bad” habits, I’ve had to stop doing the same things to get new results.

A lot of times, those things out of your comfort zone are exactly the things you need to be doing to get to the next level. Resist that force to not do those things. Ways this resistance manifests can be in waiting for the “perfect time” or not following up with someone. These illusions and micro interactions can either move or keep you from moving from a life of mediocrity to living it to the fullest. Trust me, the pain of regret will be a lot more than the pain of jumping out of your comfort zone.

2017 was definitely a break out year for me in this aspect of getting out of my comfort zone. I plan to do it even more in 2018, and I personally challenge you to intentionally do the those things out of your comfort zone.

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