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If you know me, you know I love podcasts. For the most part, I only listen to podcasts but especially when I’m commuting, sitting at my desk, or working out. I used to just listen to a lot of music but realized that I could use that time to listen to podcasts that could improve my life. This change has definitely paid off.

Below is a list of podcasts that I listen to on a daily or weekly basis. Also, are some recommendations for apps to listen to your podcasts. Throughout 2018, I plan to do some in-depth reviews of each podcast as well as share any great episodes.

iOS Apps

Overcast – my current choice. Overcast also provides a website to listen to your subscribed podcasts at Overcast.fm.

Apple Podcasts – the default app that comes on iOS devices.


I’m not an Android guy so check out the recommendations from Digital Trends.

My Current Podcast List

Photo by Konstantin Dyadyun

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