Promise Principle

I can’t say enough about Phillip Hunter’s The Promise Principle. This book has fundamentally changed the way I read and understand the Bible. This book combined with my Bible Study Group has greatly increased my retention and relationship with God’s Word. The book is a short read that will definitely change your life.

The main idea around the Promise Principle is that God’s word contains promises and gifts everywhere throughout the Bible; however, we don’t always acknowledge those promises and gifts. Shifting the mindset to looking for these promises and gifts causes you to read the Bible with more intent and purpose. Once you come across a promise or gift, you then reflect on how it pertains to your life and any prior or current situations. The final step is to then “pray it out” by either thanking God for this gift, asking God for this gift, or both. Another goal with the prayer is to make it personal to you and not the group. When following the Promise Principle in a group setting, I’ve seen it help myself and others take their understanding to another level.

I highly recommend you check out The Promise Principle and start a Bible Study group. Check out the links below to grab a copy of the book.

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